Artesia Country Club

Artesia Country Club

Located in Artesia, New Mexico, the Artesia Country Club is a private golf course and social club.  Our course is an exciting challenge for golfers of every skill level.  We are open Tuesday through Sunday.  Tee times are not required.  The restaurant and bar are open for lunch and dinner from 11:00am-9:00pm, Tuesday through Saturday and 11:00am-6:00pm on Sundays.  Our Clubhouse offers amenities for elegant dining, casual and formal events, or business meetings.

Clubhouse Lottery


Every Wednesday morning, we will draw a winner for a $50 Clubhouse Gift Certificate and $100 Pro Shop Credit.  Each and every member qualifies to participate in the drawing, however; only members that ate in the Clubhouse on Tuesday qualify to win!!  If there is no winner for the week, the prize carries and adds on to the next week's pot.  Stay connected to our website to check the lottery standings!


  • Week 1, Member “ABC”’s membership number is drawn, but they did not eat in the Clubhouse on Tuesday. Member “ABC” does not qualify as a winner.

  • Week 2, the drawing is now for $100 Clubhouse Gift Certificate and $200 Pro Shop Credit. Week 2, Member “DEF”’s membership number is drawn. He/She ate in the Clubhouse on Tuesday, so Member “DEF” qualifies as a winner.

  • Week 3, pot goes back to $50 Clubhouse Gift Certificate and $200 Pro Shop Credit.


Clubhouse Certificate: $50

Pro Shop Credit: $100